Updating your Divi Theme in 2.7.2+ // Divi Updater plugin is no longer required

Up until Divi 2.7 updates were made either manually (a bit of a pain) or by using the Elegant Themes Updater Plugin.

Now, as of version 2.7.2 ( updated 04-12-2016 )Elegant Themes have added the option to configure auto updates from the ePanel, which makes it even easier. Just add your username and API Key key into the fields and you are good to go. You will then get notifications when your Divi theme needs to be updated, which you can then do as before with the click of a button.

As before remember to make a backup of your site and/or clone your site and update that first.

To update your Divi Theme

  1. log into your member dashboard on Elegant Themes and click on the Account tab. Here you will see your username and a further sub-tab for Your API Key
  2. In your WordPress dashboard go to Divi > Theme Options and then click on the Updates tab
  3. Add your username and API key you just got from your Elegant Themes account and save the settings.
  4. You will now be able to see update notifications and make updates to your Divi theme from the WordPress dashboard.


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