Steps to update Divi?

  1. Log into your Elegant Themes dashboard and click on the Account tab.
  2. Here you will see your username and a further sub-tab for Your API Keys
  3. In your WordPress dashboard go to Divi Theme Options and click on the Updates tab
  4. Add your Elegant Themes username and API key and save the settings.
  5. The Divi Theme will now automatically notify you when updates are available
  6. Go to Dashboard -> Updates and check the Divi Theme and hit update
  7. Your site will go into maintenance mode and Divi will update
Once you have entered your username and API into the Divi Theme options update tab be able to see update notifications and make updates to your Divi theme from within the WordPress dashboard.
how to update divi theme

Why you need to update Divi

  • Bugs in the Divi Theme code are fixed.
  • Security vulnerabilities are patched making your site safe.
  • New theme features are added.

Divi is getting regular updates from the team at Elegant Themes and it is usually a mix of bug fixes and new or improved features. Unless you actually need these new or improved features you don’t necessarily have to update Divi.

Occasionally however, there will be a security update which is something that should always be made as it fixes issues that could lead to your site being hacked, which none of us want.

How to roll back a Divi update

It is a fact of WordPress life that sometime thing break and your newly updated Divi site is no exception. Whilst Elegant Themes do their very best to ensure compatibility with any Divi updates and the gazillion WordPress plugins, hosting set-ups and customized code that may interact with the Divi Theme, sometimes after an update things can break. The good news is that Elegant Themes have added an update rollback feature that allows you to restore the previous version of Divi prior to your update.

To restore the previous version of Divi prior to your update you will need to

  1. Go to Theme options > Updates
rollback Divi Theme update

AND always remember to backup your site before updating

Even with a handy rollback option, it is always best to have a backup of your website ready to restore if anything goes wrong (and the rollback option also fails you). By using any of the many free WordPress backup plugin you can sleep easy knowing that your site is not one fault way from disaster. I use the free version of Updarft plus to backup most of my sites in a Dropbox account. It’s very easy to set up and restore when needed, but give it a test run before you NEED to!

Updating Divi Theme pre 2.7.2 using Divi update plugin

Before Divi version 2.7 updates were made either manually or by using the Elegant Themes Updater Plugin. If you happen to be using an old version of Divi 2.7 or older and want to update the theme the Updater plugin will add Username and API fields into the WordPress General Settings area. After you have updated Divi to a Divi version above 2.7 you can then delete the plugin and use the theme options method from the start of this post.

As before remember to make a backup of your site and/or clone your site and update that first.

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