I was on holiday when 2.4 came out so decided to wait poolside and let the dust settle with the Divi 2.4 rollout before updating my websites running on Divi. There was a fair amount of posts in the various Divi FB groups about issues people were having when upgrading their websites from Divi 2.3 to Divi 2.4 so I was a little nervous about making the updates.

I was wondering if it was even necessary as the update didn’t include an security patches and as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. My sites were working well in Divi 2.3 and updating them may well cause me unnecessary headaches that are little needed with post holiday blues already kicking in.

So, I decided I would leave all my sites running on 2.3….and then 10 minutes later. I couldn’t resist just seeing what would happen if I did update to Divi 2.4.

I wanted clone my site into a sub domain and run the update on there so I wouldn’t break my live site. WPClone and Duplicator were throwing up errors and blank screens for me and I didn’t have Backup Buddy, so the 3 main recommended tools were no good for me. So,  after a little digging I ended up using the clone option in my Installatron software that comes as part of my hosting cPanel.

updating divi theme to 2.4

Just log into your hosting cPanel, and go down to my applications where you will see your WP site listed. Click on a site and you will get the screen as above. Click the clone icon, select your folder to install into and ok the rest of the settings and you will have a site cloned into a test folder. Log in and update to Divi 2.4 and see what happens!!

For me there was an issue on 2 sites where the navigation was adding an inline style of 200px which then caused the menu items to drop down a line. This was solved by adding a little extra CSS into my child theme style.css (

#ettopnavigation{paddingleft:0px !important; }
mainheader nav#topmenunav {paddingtop: 10px;}
topmenu li, .fullwidthmenu li {display: inlineblock;fontsize: 13px;paddingright: 10px;}

My full width headers were also now left aligning flush to the left of the screen so I needed to go in and centre them.

The rest of my Divi sites updates with no issues at all, so once I tested that this was the case on the cloned site, I deleted the clone and went to the live site and made the theme update there.

I have also updates my 2 free Divi Child themes (Star Café and Dividevelopers) to 2.4 and i’m happy to report that there were no issues at all with them so feel free to use with your 2.4 Divi. I have a few other things I am working on right now, but expect to see plenty more free child themes for Divi soon 😉 

Did you update your Divi theme yet? any issues? what did you use to make a clone? (or didn’t you?!)


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