How do I update my Divi Theme?

The Divi Theme is constantly being maintained and improved by the team of developers at Elegant Themes, and as such, updates for the Divi Theme are released as required.

So, i hear you ask…“how do i update my Divi Theme?”.

It’s not a hard process, but there are a few best practices you should be following in order to make sure things go smoothly. Updates are tested by ET, but sometimes bugs slip through the net and updating your site may cause some issues. It could be conflicts with plugins, code you have added or any number of other things.

Wait! Before you update, make a backup or clone your site

Backups: On my hosting, i have a 30 day rolling backup with a click restore option, which means that i can roll back to any date in the past 30 days. I can go back to before any updates when everything was working ok. There are plenty of ways to backup your Divi website (WP Clone, Duplicator, Updraft Plus, Backupbuddy etc) and it is something you should be doing as a precaution and insurance against things going wrong.

Clone: If the site is particularly important, then i use the clone feature in my Installatron dashboard to clone the site to a sub folder and make the update to Divi there. If all goes well, i delete this cloned site and update the live site knowing it will go ahead with no problems. If there are issues on the cloned site, it gives me a safe, non-live, place to test and fix any issues before doing so on the live site.

Update with the Elegant Updater Plugin **UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2017**


With an exit (backup) strategy in place you are good to make the update to your Divi Theme and the easiest and quickest way is to use the Elegant Updater Plugin.. The video below will walk you through how to use the Elegant Updater plugin.:

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